Daycare and School Janitorial Assistance

Daycare facilities and children’s schools are an essential part of the development and education of each person. However, an issue of harmful viruses and germs arises when so many children are put into the same place. IZSAM is happy to say that we provide essential janitorial services to many schools in order to protect children of all ages in attendance.

We recognize that as children develop they are at risk for respiratory issues when exposed to harmful cleaning chemicals. We provide our teams with eco-friendly materials and ensure our teams are well-trained to remove graffiti, marker prints, gum, boot and shoe marks, and stains.
Every parent will agree that a clean school is needed in order for their children to remain healthy while learning and preparing for their future. Our hand-picked team members are insured, bonded, and tightly supervised to make sure each job has exceeded expectations.

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